Create a customer-centric global growth system through multi-cloud integration

The enterprise has transformed from a manufacturing-centric focus to a global customer-centric


It is a digital innovation partner that helps global enterprises build a global customer center

The enterprise has transformed from a manufacturing-centric focus to a global customer-centric one.

In addition, medium and large enterprises need the capability of multi-cloud integration. Taking Salesforce as an example, the complete customer center includes:

CoVision It is a service innovation

SaaS products standardize the best practices of segmented scenarios, but there is a gap between them and enterprise needs

What customers want is a house they can live in, not a mainstream enterprise service market with many tools, but a medium-to-large enterprise with individualized and complex needs, and there is a gap with standard SaaS products. With the globalization of enterprises, various SaaS companies also Need to integrate into the global digital ecosystem

Ram the base

The strongest platform is selected as the base of the system to carry the modified and complex requirements

Preferred application

Create an ecological alliance with leading SaaS companies, promote their API Ready, and help them do global product transformation

Converged delivery

Based on the platform capabilities of the base, direct integration delivery of API First allows customers to have highly flexible platform capabilities and quickly obtain best practices for subdivided scenarios

Cooperative Transformation

Undertake sales leads with insufficient capabilities of SaaS companies, through leading solution capabilities, combined with the best practices of SaaS in China, to enhance customer value and win projects

AI+ Full integration

Solution = platform + SaaS + service, easy-to-use best practices, guide customers, product solutions, strong reproducibility, and continue to help customers grow

You will have

Global platform capabilities, best practices for ease of use in subdivided scenarios, faster launch, taking into account scalability and ease of use, reducing total cost of ownership

Stop reinventing the wheel and focus on customer value

Some SaaS partners.
OUR VISION Digitalization empowers Chinese enterprises to globalize

Our philosophy - science and technology based on trust, joint innovation, the future

Ecological advantages: local SaaS resources, international manufacturers’ resources, API Ready, joint innovation.

Team advantages: international background, fusion ability, local SaaS executives, focus and learning

Advantages of the solution: ·Platform scalability ·Easy-to-use best practice ·Low overall cost ·Strong reproducibility

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