The solution is quasi-systematic, increasing the proportion of project reuse

Learn Accenture’s solutions and delivery capabilities, adapt to the era of multi-cloud integration, and do service innovation.

Keep up with big manufacturers, joint innovation, local adaptation, SaaS application API Ready, industry solution design, optimized product base, API first integrated delivery, accumulate best practices, and form an industry barebones system.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Promotion settlement system

Semiconductor Industry

supply and demand balance system

Consumer Goods Industry


OUR VISION Digitalization empowers Chinese enterprises to globalize

Our Philosophy ——Science and Technology Based on Trust, Jointly Innovate the Future

Ecological advantages: local SaaS resources, international manufacturers’ resources, API Ready, joint innovation.

Team advantages: international background, fusion ability, local SaaS executives, focus and learning

Advantages of the solution: ·Platform scalability ·Easy-to-use best practice ·Low overall cost ·Strong reproducibility

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