Our service

We put this technical knowledge into practice through training, consulting, and support designed to help customers get the most out of their platforms, increase productivity, and drive ROI

Why choose us?

We do not "set" your needs through a standardized SAAS, but adapt to your business demands through multi-cloud integration. No matter what industry you come from, we have experts who understand the unique challenges of your industry and understand the importance of meeting customer needs. ​

Ram the base

The strongest platform is selected as the base of the system to carry the modified and complex requirements

Preferred application

Create an ecological alliance with leading SaaS companies, promote their API Ready, and help them do global product transformation

Converged delivery

Based on the platform capabilities of the base, direct integration delivery of API First allows customers to have highly flexible platform capabilities and quickly obtain best practices for subdivided scenarios

Cooperative Transformation

Undertake sales leads with insufficient capabilities of SaaS companies, through leading solution capabilities, combined with the best practices of SaaS in China, to enhance customer value and win projects

AI+ Full integration

Solution = platform + SaaS + service, easy-to-use best practices, guide customers, product solutions, strong reproducibility, and continue to help customers grow

You will have

Global platform capabilities, best practices for ease of use in subdivided scenarios, faster launch, taking into account scalability and ease of use, reducing total cost of ownership


Customer Center Solution

Through business consulting, provide digital system solutions, help companies build customer centers, and intelligently drive personalized customer journeys.


Multi-cloud Fusion Delivery

Based on salesforce, adobe and other platform bases, it selects easy-to-use SaaS applications for integrated delivery, meets the needs of enterprise integration and individualization, and provides best practices for subdivided scenarios.


Growth Operations Consulting

After the system is launched, continue to pay attention to the usage of the system, and provide consultation on methods of operation growth based on digital capabilities to improve system input and output.


SaaS Globalization Consulting

Combined with the experience of globalization projects, it provides advice on the global transformation of the products of overseas SaaS companies, and helps domestic SaaS companies integrate into the global mainstream digital ecology.