Supply and demand balance system

To make the channel between “purchasing” and “sales” smooth, the purchasing department can match refined customer needs with flexible supply capabilities and improve overall business service efficiency

What does the supply and demand balancing system bring?

Through the integration of procurement and sales, help procurement reduce repeated inquiries, improve procurement accuracy, and reduce sluggish inventory


Integrate procurement and sales to improve internal collaboration efficiency


Requirement change control during long lead times

clear responsibilities

Data integration, inventory traceability, review of reasons for sluggish inventory

Supplier cooperation and innovation

Lightweight digital platform allows suppliers to participate in efficient cooperation at zero cost

Model empowerment

Expert experience + algorithm model to provide purchasing and sales advice

Efficient collaboration in purchasing and marketing

Inventory traceability, reduce sluggish inventory

Enable procurement

Supply and demand balance system

Product value

Realization of IT enabling roles

Agile and flexible IT capabilities

Double improvement of quality and efficiency

Facilitate business innovation

Product Features of Supply and Demand Balance System

High degree of customization

Quick implementation

Flexible adjustment

Data connection​

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OUR VISION Digitization Empowers Chinese Enterprises to Globalize

OUR PHILOSOPHY - science and technology based on trust, joint innovation, the future

Ecological advantages: local SaaS resources, international manufacturers’ resources, API Ready, joint innovation.

Team advantages: international background, fusion ability, local SaaS executives, focus and learning

Advantages of the solution: ·Platform scalability ·Easy to use best practice ·Low overall cost ·Strong reproducibility

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