Architecture Intro

WeChat Vi-Connector helps you build one-connector Member Management Tool with marketing messages, service engagement, consumer behavior tracker and more possibilities between WeChat followers and Infobip.

To manage and host customer documentation for the integration of WeChat Vi-Connector with Infobip, we utilize a centralized documentation platform. This platform is designed with the following technical features to ensure easy access and navigation for our customers:

Cloud-Based Repository

All documentation is stored on a secure, cloud-based repository that ensures high availability and easy scalability as our documentation grows.

Search Functionality

We've integrated advanced search functionality that allows users to quickly find specific information within the documentation.

User Authentication

Access to documentation requires user authentication to ensure that sensitive information remains secure and is only accessible to authorized users.

Real-Time Updates

The platform supports real-time updates, ensuring that the documentation reflects the most recent changes and developments in the integration.

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